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Primary Quality Mark Accreditation

Stoke Goldington Church of England First School has recently been awarded a Basic Skills Primary Quality Mark Award for the fourth time. This national accreditation is awarded to schools which meet the Quality Mark Standard.

The Basic Skills Quality Mark promotes, supports and celebrates progress and improvements made by a school in English and Mathematics. Without these ‘basic skills’ of good communication, literacy and mathematical skills, individuals are disadvantaged throughout their lives – as learners, in the workplace and as parents, consumers and citizens and so they form the ‘bedrock’ of a good education.

Stoke Goldington is a school that has been recently graded outstanding in every aspect of the Ofsted inspection criteria. In March 2014 the Ofsted inspection report recorded that

“Pupils make outstanding progress throughout the school because they have interesting and exciting work, using their basic skills to solve problems and to explore real world events.”

Leadership and management is a particular strength of the school. Ofsted March 2014 recorded that “The Headteacher and governors are passionate about the schools’ development and this is shared by all members of staff. Everyone focuses their efforts and determination towards continuous improvement so that the highest standards for pupils are maintained. All members of staff express great pride and confidence in the school.”

The Headteacher leads a federation of two outstanding schools. During the time that the Headteacher has been leading Stoke Goldington she has been determined to bring it to the same outstanding status as her first and sister school North Crawley. She achieved this goal some time ago and it has now been officially recognised by the Ofsted Inspectors.

‘Good practice’ identified in relation to the 10 Elements of the Quality Mark:

  • The Headteacher has a particular expertise in developing systems and practices that effectively monitor and evaluate the performance of the school. This rigorous attention to school improvement and her persistent drive for high standards has ensured that the school is in an outstanding position.
  • Ofsted March 2014 “All pupils make outstanding progress from their starting points and most reach standards above those of pupils nationally in reading, writing and mathematics.”
  • Teaching and learning at the school are outstanding. Staff are as driven as the Headteacher to ensure the fun, excitement and wonder of learning supports high standards of attainment. Every opportunity is seized to create a remarkable learning experience for the children who attend Stoke Goldington.
  • Maths teaching is a particular strength. The Deputy Headteacher is a leading maths teacher for the authority and leads maths across the two federated schools. Her exceptional skills and talents have been instrumental in raising the quality of teaching and learning. Observed lessons, photographic evidence and work scrutiny demonstrates the high expectations of staff and the wide and varied content of the curriculum. An example of this is the outcome of the planned money week for pupils. Pupils were tasked to invest and grow a sum of money with the support of their parents. Some invested in cooking ingredients and sold the cakes for profit. Parents reported very positive outcomes at home and at school as well as enough money raised to purchase the children’s choice of a play house for the outside learning area.
  • The school can also boast a particularly effective and skilful support staff team. It is noticeable as you enter the school that the level of care is outstanding and relationships at all levels are excellent. It is well recognised by the school that the strength of a school and the quality of the learning is enriched by positive relationships across the whole school community. The leadership of this school has worked tirelessly to ensure the great team spirit that the school enjoys.
  • The environment in each class encourages independent learning and reinforces the excitement and relevance of the activities. Cross curricular work undertaken from the ‘Take One Picture’ work with the National Gallery is of a particular high standard. Pupils have a plethora of high quality support materials and interactive displays. ICT is used regularly and naturally. Books take a pride of place in every corner of the school. The library is an outstanding example for any large school and is particularly praise worthy for a very small school like Stoke Goldington. Story sacks are well used as are Big Books, puppets and a variety of different genres to stimulate varied interests.
  • Parents report a high level of satisfaction with the work of the school. They are very much part of the school community and are often invited to maths breakfast mornings and curriculum workshops.
  • All pupils progress is tracked to ensure any vulnerable of underachieving are identified quickly. Individual targets set in maths and literacy are regularly monitored and high achievers are ensured challenge. Interventions are put in place on a personalised basis. This is a school where each and every child’s talents and needs are very well known and extended by all staff.
  • Governors interviewed reported high levels of enjoyment in their role in supporting the school. Governor training is of a high quality as is other staff training across the school. The balance between supporting the school and challenge is good. New governors recognise the importance of effective training opportunities and knowing the school well.
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